welder 1600

TitanStud welder 1600

Portable, robust, reliable

TitanStud welding Systems Capacitor Discharge units are compact, portable Stud Welding equipment's. The units are specifically designed to enable a small diameter range of ferrous and non-ferrous weld studs to be welded to light gauge, self-finish or pre-coated materials, in most cases with little or no reverse marking.

The equipment consists of a control unit, a welding pistol and the necessary interconnecting cables and accessories.

The TitanStud welder 1600 with tip ignition allows you to weld pins and threaded studs ranging from M3 - M8 or Ø 2 - 8 mm made of steel and stainless steel and M3 - M8 or Ø 2 - 8 mm made of aluminium and brass (depending on requirements), as well as a great number of various welding fasteners. It is also possible to weld welding fasteners made of aluminium and brass.
The stud welder TitanStud 2500 with a charging capacity of 99,000 µF enables you to weld steel studs up to M10. The visual side of the workpiece is spared to a large extent from pressure marks or deformations, so that even thin sheet metals under 1 mm sheet thickness retain their decorative appearance. If you need advice or assistance in solving problems, please contact either our parent company or our field engineers.