TitanTig 200
TitanTig 200
DC Pulse Pro
TitanTig 180/200
TitanTig 320/400 ACDC Pro


Advanced IGBT inverter technology

• Industry leading control system -MCU control system, responds immediately to any changes

• Inverting frequency of 33~43 kHz greatly reduces the size and weight of the welder.

• Great reduction in magnetic and resistance loss enhances the welding efficiency and energy saving effect.

• Working frequency is beyond the audio range, which almost eliminates noise pollution.

• TIG/DC operation, If the tungesten electrode touches the workpiece when welding, the current will drop to short-circuit current to protect tungsten

• High frequency and high voltage for arc igniting to ensure the success ratio of igniting arc, the reverse polarity ignition ensures good ignition behavior in TIG-AC welding

• Pedal control the welding current

• Double purposes : AC inverter TIG/MMA and DC inverter TIG/MMA, Excellent performance on Al-alloy、carbon steel、stainless steel、titanium

• Intelligent protection: over-voltage, over-current, over-heat, when the problems listed before occurred, the alarm lamp on the front panel will be on and the output current will be cut off. It can self-protect and prolong the using life

•Bionic and Ergonomic industrial design.

• Water-resistant, antistatic and anticorrosion design.

• Avoid AC arc-break with special means, even if arc-break occurs the HF will keep the arc stable