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TitanTig 180/200

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2T/4T Mode

TitanTig180/200 is a high efficient, robust, reliable HF Tig machine, easy to use. The design of the forced air-cooling system channel can effectively prevent the power devices and control circuits from being damaged by the dust introduced into the machine by the fan. The reliability of the machine is greatly improved as a result. The streamline design means front and rear panels are naturally integrated via large-radian transition.

The parameters of TitanTig 180/200 on the front panel all can be adjusted continuously and steplessly, such as Down slope time, Post flow time.

Product functions
Hot start arc ignition function: makes the arc ignition in TIG under low current easier and more reliable.

• 2T/4T function.

• Downslope and post-flow gas function

• Self-adaptive arc force technology improves the performance of the machine when using long-cable welding.

• Excellent HF arc ignition: High reliability arc striking.

• Advanced arc ignition by lift arc: TIG welding without HF arc ignition circuit.