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TitanTig 200 PACDC welding machine adopts the latest pulse width modulation (PWM) technology and insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) power module, which can change work frequency to medium frequency so as to replace the traditional hulking work frequency transformer with the cabinet medium frequency transformer. Thus, it is characterized with portable, small size, light weight, low consumption and etc.

The parameters of TitanTig 200 PACDC on the front panel all can be adjusted continuously and steplessly, such as start current, crater arc current, welding current, base current, duty ratio, upslope time, downslope time, pre-gas, post-gas, pulse frequency, AC frequency, balance, hot start, arc force and arc length etc. When welding, it takes high frequency and high voltage for arc igniting to ensure the success ratio of igniting arc.

Product functions



DC Pulse  TIG



AC Pulse  TIG

DC MMA,polarity connection can be chosen according to different electrodes.

DC MMA,polarity connection can be chosen according to different electrodes

AC MMA,magnetic flow caused by invariable DC polarity can be avoided

DC TIG,DCEP is used normally (workpiece connected to positive polarity, while torchconnected to negative polarity). This connection has many characters, such asstable welding arc, low tungsten pole loss, more welding current, narrow anddeep weld;

AC TIG(rectangle wave), arc is more stable than Sine AC TIG. At the same time, youcan not only obtain the max penetration and the min tungsten pole loss, butalso obtain better clearance effect.

DC Pulsed TIG has the following characters: 1) Pulse heating. Metal in Molten poolhas short time on high temperature status and freezes quickly, which can reducethe possibility to produce hot crack of the materials with thermal sensitivity.2) The workpiece gets little heat. Arc energy is focused. Be suitable for thinsheet and super thin sheet welding. 3) Exactly control heat input and the sizeof the molten pool. The depth of penetration is even. Be suitable for weldingby one side and forming by two sides and all position welding for pipe. 4) Highfrequency arc can make metal for microlite fabric, eliminate blowhole andimprove the mechanical performance of the joint. 5) High frequency arc issuitable for high welding speed to improve the productivity.