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TitanMig X4 Pulse/X5 Pulse‍‍‍

New generation of digital Welder Brilliant in every way


Fully digital synergic inverter, Precise wire feeding system

● Synergic MIG program

Step by step, easy Setup, suitable for the heaviest industrial conditions.

● Fully digital synergic inverter

Managed by the high speed micro processor, it provides you with perfect arc control, improved droplet detachment and controlled ignition properties.

● Excellent Welding Performance

Stable dip-transfer arc process, Low-spatter, Fast welding process.

● High Welding Speed and Efficiency

With Headux patented control software, it helps the users save time on setup of machine and increase the productivity

● User Friendly

Simple interface, Easy to access as well as quick and easy parameter configuration, system operation

Intelligent power sources with synergic and MIG/MAG and stick (MMA) welding process.

MIGX5 pulse.png

The TitanMig X4 Pulse/X5 Pulse are intelligent power sources with synergic and pulsed MIG/MAG and stick (MMA) welding process.   Managed by the high speed micro processor, they provide you with perfect arc control, improved droplet detachment and controlled ignition properties.   TitanMig X4 Pulse/X5 Pulse bring added value for customers by significantly improving welding speed, boosting production efficiency, and enabling the same equipment to be used for a variety of welding tasks. TianMig X4 Pulse/X5 Pulse make the welding process more precise and reduce spattering in the dip transfer arc process.

   As upgradeable power sources, TitanMig X4 Pulse/X5 Pulse could meet the most extreme expectations of individual welding and provide supreme usability based on actual field application.


TitanMig X4 PulseTitanMig X5 Pulse
Input voltage(A)3P~380(+25%,)50-60Hz3P~380(+25%,)50-60Hz
Rated input power(KVA)1524
Input Current22.837
Rated output voltage(V)12-3812-45
Welding Range(A)30-35030-500
Open circuit voltage7070
Output 40°C60%60%
Duty cycle 100%,40°C275390
Wire feed speed(m/min)0-240-25
Wire diameter(mm)0.8/1.0/1.21.0/1.2/1.6
Arc adjustment-9 soft to +9 hard (default 0)-9 soft to +9 hard (default 0)
Cool wayGas(optional water cooling)Gas(optional water cooling)
Efficiency at 100 % ED8787
Power factor at 100%ED0.90.9
Degree of ProtectionIP23IP23
Insulation ClassFF
Dimensions LWH(mm)685x300x560685x300x560
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