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238 iXP
130 Syn
TitanMig160Syn Pro
,180Syn Pro,180Syn PFC
TitanMig195Syn,225Syn,195Syn PFC, 225Syn PFC
235 Syn PFC
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TitanMig 250/350/500
All in one: Flexible, Quality and Value Price


Why TitanMig

●   Easy to use

●   Multi Process

●   Efficient and productive

●   Light and Durable

●   Low power   consumption

●   Precise electronic   control

●   Quality welding performance

●   Practical, Stylish design

●   Flexible andMulti functions

●   Distance wire feeding options


●   Metal fabrication workshops

●   Steel structure workshops

●   Shipyards and offshore industry

●   Repair and maintenance

Integrated Multi-process and perfect welding performance into compact lean dimensions and lightweight, increasing productivity and work site mobility. Precise arc performance suits environments where quality matters, and 15 % more power efficiency over conventional designs will please every user.

TitanMig range is the perfect alternative to traditional stepswitch designs. New control technology ensures excellent arc ignition and welding performance, so you spend more time welding and less time cleaning weld spatter. Choose from 250/350/500 amp power source models, plus impact resistant, plastic panel wire feeder for   300 mm wire spools.

TitanMig key features:

•   MIG/Flux-Cored /MMA/Lift Arc TIG Inverter

•   Digital amp and voltmeter

•   Preciseelectroniccontrol

•   Burn back control & wire inching

•   Suitable for 0.6, 0.8, 1.0 and 1.2mm wire

•   2T/4T MMA function

•   Power & status LED

•   Gas check function

•   Variable inductance

•   V.R.D safe for MMA and TIG

•   Long distance welding up to 50 meters

The TitanMig range of products offers perfect welding power for basic MIG/MAG welding in heavy and medium heavy industry. The selection of three power sources, wire feeder and other product options allows creating suitable welding equipment combinations for various needs.

With its durable and lightweight construction TitanMig makes an ideal companion for demanding welding conditions, and its stepless control and digital display put ease of use and the expert experience of welding within the reach of every workshop.

Power Sources

The TitanMig selection includes

250-,350-, and 500-ampere power sources, all of which are effective yet light and compact devices. The energy consumption is 15% lower than that of switch-operated power sources with the same output.

Wire Feeders

The HF10 wire feeders are designed for demanding welding conditions. The recyclable, double-skinned plastic casing is strong and elegant, and the reliable wire feed mechanism ensures a smooth and undisturbed wire feed.

Other Options

The TitanCooler 10 water cooling unit can be used for providing effective cooling of MIG/MAG welding guns.

The HMT 500 Trolley makes it easy for you to handle and move around the welding equipment.

Model/ltemTitanMig 250TitanMig 350 TitanMig 500
nput voltage (V)AC230土15% (single phase),50/60HzAC400V土15%(3 phases),50/60HzAC400V土15%(3 phases),50/60Hz
Rated input current (A)5519.434
Rated power supply capacity (KVA)12.61424.7
Recommended fuse capacity (A)704060
MIMA welding current range (A)10 ~25020~35020~ 500
VIG current range (A)20~25050~ 35050~ 500
vIG voltage range (V)11 ~2915~3615~48
Jo-load voltage (V)546075
Nire feed speed range(m/min)1.5~ 161.5~161.5~18
Electrode diameter applicable (mm)0.6/0.8/0.9/1.00.8/1.0/1.21.0/1.2/1.6
Puty cycle Imax (40C)35%40%60%
Duty cycle 100% (40C)150A220A390A
Duty cycle 60% (40C)190A280A500A
ffiienc (%)858585
Power factor0.750.930.93
Protection classIP21SIP21SIP21S
nsulation classFFF
Size (mm)685x295x560685x295x560685x295x560
Weight (Kg)263235