Portable Laser Welder
TitanLaser 1000/1500/2000/3000

TitanLaser 1000/1500

Portable Laser Welder



● Easy operation, new user can also weld products beautifully

● The welding seam is smooth and good shape, the welding is reliable and high quality, saving time and cost

● High electro-optical conversion, long laser life, better penetration

● Aiming at the irregular shape of various complex welding workpieces/large workpieces, arbitrary angle welding is realized

● Compact design, uitable for different workplaces

Model/ltemTitanL aser 1000TitanL aser 1500
Laser Wavelength1070nm+5%1070nm+5%
Working VoltageSingle-phase 220V土5%,50HzSingle-phase 220V土5% ,50Hz
Fiber Wire Length10m10m
Aiming PositioningTTL level/ GulRed Light Indicator + Therapeuritc Tool
Control ModelRed Light Indicator + Therapeuritc ToolTTL level/ GUI
Welding Speed Range0~120mm/s0~120mm/s
Cooling SystemIntegrated ThermostatIntegrated Thermostat
Temperature range of working environment15~35C15~35C
Humidity range of Working Environment<70%No Condensation<70%No Condensation
Suggestions On Welding Thickness0.5-5mm0.5-5mm
Welding Gap Requirementss0.2mms0.2mm
ConsumablesProtective L .ensProtective L _ens
Machine size740x490x680mm740x490x680mm